Basidiomycete Fungi (non-gilled).9 Polypores

Polypores: various and numerous and perennial forms remaining over winter; nearly all (there are conspicuous exceptions) share a couple of common features: on wood, stalkless, fleshy to usually hard, and with a pore-like surface under the cap. Bjerkandera, Bondarzewia, Coltricia, Daedalea, Daedaleopsis, Fistulina, Fomes, Ganoderma, Inonotus, Laetiporus, Meripilus, Oligoporus, Oxyporus, Phaeolus, Phellinus, Piptoporus, Polyporus, Pycnoporus, Schizopora, Trametes, Trichaptum (poroid form) et al.

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