Perenniporia robiniophila

Locust polypore

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Common Name: Locust polypore

 Ecology: Found in overlapping shelf-like layers on Locust and Hackberry trees (seems to favor Hackberry trees). From a distance, it appears to be a Climacodon septentrionale (Northern Tooth) but when you get closer you notice a smooth pore surface instead of teeth-like spines. Caps: Ivory/cream colored lumpy caps that can be up to 35cm wide and 4-5cm thick at the base. They are semicircle shaped with a lighter margin. The bumps turn tan/brown with age. Pore Surface: White tiny pores which turns light gray when dry. Surface slowly (20+ minutes) changes to a reddish brown color when bruised. Pores are about 10mm deep or about 1/4th of the cap thickness. Stem: Nonexistent, but the caps are connected by a base plate that is attached to the tree. Flesh: Ivory/cream colored. Dense corky texture. Flexible and damp when young becoming hard when dry. Odor: Not clearly defined but becomes foul when dry. Spore print: White 



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