Button ID Program

John Plischke III Award For Mushroom Knowledge or the Button ID Program.

Award Objectives

• New Mushroomers
• Have fun learning new mushrooms
• Get members started identifying mushrooms
• Reward them as they make progress
• Experienced Member
• Have fun learning new mushrooms
• Get more club Identifiers & Mycologists
• Motivate Members to document mushrooms they know


• Started in 2009.
• Buttons have been made for a variety of levels.
• Club Members will develop & maintain their own lists of mushrooms.
• Club Mycologists & Identifiers will certify mushrooms on list
• Certification means club member & mycologist or identifier agree on the ID

PICKING MUSHROOMS TO EAT REQUIRES BEING 100% CERTAIN OF THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE MUSHROOMS INVOLVED. Those eating wild mushrooms must take personal responsibility for the mushrooms they eat.

Ideal Identification Procedure

• Club member finds a mushroom that they believe they know
• Mushroom can be found at club foray, club meeting, or on personal outing.
• Club member shows mushroom to club mycologist or identifier who agrees with the members ID.
• Mushroom is added to member’s list Establishing a Baseline
• Experienced members know too many mushrooms for ideal procedure
• There is a mutual trust that they can come up with a reasonable list of mushrooms they know
• They can submit this list to the club to establish a baseline of known mushrooms
• Club mycologists and/or identifiers will establish reasonableness of list
• Caution should be used about placing poisonous mushrooms on one’s list

Club Mycologist & Identifiers

• Club mycologist & identifiers are human and volunteer their services
• They do not know every mushroom and are still learning themselves
• They are free to pass on certifying specific mushrooms
• Mushroom identification can be complex

Easy List Generation

• Go to WPMC Website and use the Species List Generator
• Check off Mushrooms known (There are over 800 mushrooms on this list)
• Print out the list and also e-mail list to Dick Dougall

• Or you can use a simple form to track the species.
• Download the ButtonID pdf form.
• Either email a completed copy to Dick Dougall or print it out and bring it to the meeting.

• Alternatively use the ButonID application to record your lists. Available for Windows or OSx.

Here is a quick guide to using the ButtonID app: