Species list from Bird Park Winter walk on 02/03/2019

Species list entered and identified by Jim Tunney. List of species found on the walk at Bird Park Winter walk: Auricularia americana (Tree-ear / Wood Ear), Daldinia concentrica (Carbon Balls), Flammulina velutipes (Velvet foot; Enokitake), Galerina marginata (Deadly galerina),… Read More

Species list from Black Friday walk at Camp Guyasuta on 11/23/2018

Big turnout for today’s Black Friday Mushroom Walk to benefit Camp Guyasuta. We had 24 people, from non-members to WPMC Mycologists. There was quite a freeze on the Thursday and many of the larger mushrooms that we found… Read More

Species list from Chatham University Eden Hall campus Fall festival on 11/04/2018

WPMC joined Chatham University at the Eden Hall campus for their Fall festival. We took a group of people into the forest to search for autumn mushrooms. On the walk from the parking lot to the meeting point… Read More

Species list from Pine Ridge Park on 10/27/2018

Bit of a wet weather walk this morning but the leaf canopy always keeps some of the rain off! John Plischke III led the ten or so intrepid mushrooms hunters for a walk in a tulip popular heavy… Read More

Species list from Mingo Creek Pop_up on 10/28/2018

Three awesome people accompanied me into the woods this morning. We collected and identified over 30 species including an almond scented Agaricus that John Plischke called the newly named Agaricus nanoagustus. The crowd pleasing Rhodotus palmatus also made… Read More