2021 Photo contest winners

Thank you to Sara Klingensmith for judging this years photo contest. The winners were announced at the October meeting. There were three categories to enter Pictorial, Documentary and Judge's Option. Winner received a back issue of Fungi Magazine. Pictorial: This...

Fall Bingo has started!

After many requests the WPMC Bingo returns for another Fall run. Join the iNaturalist project to post your finds. And you can download the BINGO sheet too. Thanks to club mycologist Cara Coulter for organizing the event again.

Species list from Hillman State Park on 10/03/2021

A surprisingly large group made an appearance on this dreary rainy Sunday at Hillman. Over 40 species were identified by club identifiers and mycologists. Most notably was quite possibly the largest Postia caesia ever seen by man, a handful of Pisolithus arhizus which...

Species list from Townsend park on 10/09/2021

There was the threat of rain but in the end it held off and we had a pleasant fall walk. The weekend was probably peak honey mushroom in the Pittsburgh region. We found honey mushrooms all the way up the hill and aborted entolomas all the way down the other side. We...

Species list from Cook Forest State Park on 09/17/2021

After a late night using UV lights to find florescent mushrooms the second event of the Lincoff foray started on Friday morning at Shelter 2 in Cook Forest. This was the largest group we have had for a Cook Forest walk. The size of the group and perfect conditions for...

Lincoff Foray

Mark your calendars now for the 21st annual Gary Lincoff Foray. Registration will open at a later date,

About the club

The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club was created to promote the enjoyment, study, and exchange of information about wild mushrooms. Everyone who has an interest in wild mushrooms is welcome to become a member. Activities include regular meetings, projects centered on mushrooms, and walks and forays.

Bolete filter

The Bolete Filter is a triage (A Synoptic Key) for North American Boletes developed by Scott Pavelle with lots of input from other club members and country wide experts and hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club.