The Gary Lincoff Memorial Foray

The Gary Lincoff Memorial Foray will be held on Saturday, September 12th : Walks, presentations, auction, book signing, sales, table-walk, mushroom feast. The Lodge, N Ridge Drive, North Park, McCandless Township, PA, 15101. We plan to combine this with a walk and mushroom collection in Cook Forest State Park on the Friday and a Science Sunday.


8am to 7pm, Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2020


Guided morning walks and self-guided afternoon mushroom walks; Mushroom Walks will be conducted in North Park and in other woodlands nearby Lectures: guest speakers: Michael Kuo; Mushroom Feast; merchandise sales and silent auction.

 Michael Kuo, the principal developer of MushroomExpert.Com, Leon Shernoff, editor of Mushroom, the Journal of Wild Mushrooming, will join us as a guest speakers and mycologists for the foray.

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club cooks will prepare a Mushroom Feast with dozens of unique mushroom dishes to delight your taste buds.

Guest Mycologists​

Michael Kuo, the developer of MushroomExpert.Com, is an English teacher and amateur mycologist, based in Illinois.

Kuo started collecting mushrooms in 1994 and began his website in 2000.  Since then, the site has progressed from a dozen or so pages to well over a thousand.  While it used to take Kuo half an hour or so to make a mushroom webpage, he now spends five to ten hours, including collecting, documenting, and preserving the specimens, microscopic study, research and identification, and finally creating the corresponding webpage.

Kuo has written or co-authored many books and other publications about mushrooms, including Morels (2005), 100 Edible Mushrooms (2007), 100 Cool Mushrooms (2010, coauthored with Andy Methven), and  Mushrooms of the Midwest (2014, coauthored with Andy Methven).

Leon Shernoff is currently in his 17th year as editor of the internationally distributed magazine Mushroom, the Journal of Wild Mushrooming.  For the past few years, he has also been developing the Fungal Data System, a custom data store for mushroom morphological data.

In addition to Mushroom the Journal, his columns on wild mushrooms have appeared in The Wild Foods Network; Backwoods Home Magazine; and Mycophile, the newsletter of the North American Mycological Association.  A former president of the Illinois Mycological Association, Leon has given mushroom talks and identified mushrooms for forays in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Oregon and Washington. Fungi that he has collected are now part of the permanent collection of the Field Museum in Chicago and the New York Botanical Gardens.

Leon stresses the wonder of fungi and their interactions with nature, rather than just identification of species and knowledge of edibility. He is also one of the rare people who can present technical information with historical background and humor, instead of masses of detail. From the often-overlooked to the all-too-common, Leon usually has that little extra bit of information that makes us aware of the marvel and mystery that is mushrooming.


The Lodge – Allegheny County’s North Park,North Ridge Road, McCandless Township, PA, 15101

iNaturalist project

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  • WPMC members: $35 per person
  • Non-members: includes admission, 2020 & 2021 membership $55.00 USD
  • Students (with ID) and children 11 to 18: $15 each.
  • Children 10 & under: free

We are looking for volunteers to help at the event. A list of job openings will be published closer to the event.

Registration will open in the spring 2020.

For more info, contact Fluff Berger, Foray Chair: 724-601-8382