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  1. Y A Y!! Fun in the dark for a half century relic like moi…Cheers! ☺️

  2. Hello, I am interested in joining your club. Please tell me how. Thank you, Toni

  3. want to join your club and would like to go on the next meeting or excursion.

  4. Hi I’m from new castle pa originally but now live in northern va and am trying to find a club in my area that I can work with or join. Do you happen to know of anyone or club in my area? Please let me know. I use to go mushroom picking with my dad many years ago in Pa but have forgotten which ones were edible. Thank you

  5. From Flint Michigan originally now living in Houston. Can’t find any fungal people locally but interested in joining a group for the education. Can this be done without me being able to participate in meetings? I need to start somewhere. Can you point me in the right direction. (No pun intended) cause this is serious shit. Thank you for your help..

    • Thanks for your interest in our club, Many of the species that grow around Pittsburgh can also be found around Flint. Some of the species are also found down in Texas.

      Your best bet is the Gulf States Mycological Society – FL, LA, MS, TX

      262 County Road 3062
      Newton, TX 75966-7003
      Member since 1980 | Club Trustee: Patricia Lewis

      It looks like they have a summer foray planned. And their website mentions a number of useful books. My in-laws moved to Austin for a few years and I brought them Texas Mushrooms which seemed like a good starting point.

      Texas Mushrooms
      Susan Metzler, Van Metzler, & Dr. Orson K. Miller, Jr., University of Texas Press, 1992, 2013

      Hope that helps.

  6. I just joined with a family membership. I want to attend the event Saturday in Sharpsburgh Camp Guyasuta with Barb DeRiso. It says to bring my membership card. I dont think I will have it by Saturday. Can I just bring my receipt?

    • No need to bring your membership or receipt to Saturdays walk at Sharpsburgh Camp Guyasuta. Barb DeRiso or another organizer will ask you to sign a registration sheet at the walk and you can say that you are a member then.

  7. Do you ever do walks up in Elk county? I find many mushrooms but there are no local experts or clubs.

    • We don’t normally organize walks in Elk county. Part of the reason is that all the main walk organizers live near Pittsburgh and don’t necessarily know the area well enough to organize a walk there. The other reason is that we do not have many members in the area although I am always interested in organizing walks a bit further afield especially if there is a local guide that can suggest a walk area and meeting place.

      You should also check out the Central PA Mushroom Club as they may run a few ore events in your area:

  8. Is this a club to learn about mushrooms. I live by HILLMAN STATE park. Burgettstown.

    • Yes, this is the right club to join. We teach classes on mushroom identification and there is a lot of information on our website too. Meetings are held monthly and there is normally a talk and mushroom display at the back of the room.

  9. So, my husband and I went to Cook Forest to help collect mushrooms to be identified for the state park naturalist, He wants to grow mushrooms at home and I want to study them. I would like to know when and where you meet. Is it good to join if you want to grow mushrooms at home? I want to get my hubby to join because I won’t go very far without him, (in more ways than one).

  10. Meetings are listed on Site. Beechwood farms 3rd Tuesday. I have had success with oyster mushrooms at home. There r kits one can get. Also the club has kits at one of the spring meetings. Definitely worth the membership fee. Hope to see you at a meeeting or walk.

  11. I live in Clark, PA. Is your Pittsburgh club the closest place for me if I want to join?

    • Either us or the Ohio club will be the closest club to you. Unfortunately most of our walks are held closer to Pittsburgh although we have held some in the Slippery Rock area in the past. Hopefully we will hold one or more walks in the area next year.

  12. Do you ever come out towards racoon state Park? I live right next to the game land. Right out side my back door.

    • We try to organize a walk once a year at Racoon State Park. Unfortunately we had no one volunteer to lead a walk at the park last year. Walks are very dependent on the volunteers who offer to lead them and the club identifiers and mycologists to identify the species. We certainly welcome more volunteers to lead walks at locations where we have walked before and other new locations. If you are interested please get in touch with the La Monte Yarroll from the Mushroom Walks committee.

    • You do not need to be a member to attend the walks although we do encourage you to join. Most walks are free but there is a charge for the annual foray and occasional for a few walks that are in collaboration with other groups.

  13. Hi, we are about to join your club as a family, can we bring our seven years old daughter with us ?

  14. Im wondering if their is a club in my area, Erie, Pa. I saw the Erie Bluffs on the location list but did not see any events. Any info on club activity in Erie?

    • I don’t think there are any closer clubs to your location. Membership is centered around Pittsburgh as is the population of western PA. We do try to hold a number of walks in striking range of Erie and have a club mycologist who lives in that direction so I expect there to be a number of walks in the area in the coming years.

  15. Thanks for your patience! Just paid up. Its been a busy 6 mos. But hope to continue learning from you all this year!

  16. Are you still here?? I would like to join. I’ve read the form 3 times; all I see is that it says I ain’t allowed to blame you if I eat a Destroying Angel or something. Which I won’t. Where do I pay, and how much?? Also I really hope this is more about eating than about tripping. I’m already crazy.

  17. Hi Jessica, When you click on “Agree” the page should change and display a form to collect you name address etc and a link to PayNow via credit card and PayPal. Let me know if that does not work for you.

  18. Hi, I’m trying to join the club online but every time I click on the link I get an error 404. Is online registration currently working? Thank you.

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