2018 WPMC Photo Contest Results

WPMC Photography Chair Rebecca Miller has judged our annual Photo Contest for the last time and selected the following winners in four categories.  Here they are, in the order they were announced: Documentary     First Place: Richard… Read More

Election results for the 2019 Board of Directors

At the October meeting the annual election was held for next years board. The slate was as follows: President – Cecily Franklin Vice President – Fluff Berger Secretary – Adam Haritan Treasurer – Barbara DeRiso NAMA Trustee –… Read More

Species list from October meeting on 10/16/2018

Here is the species list form the club meeting. Garrett Taylor, Adam Haritan and others brought down a variety of species found at Cook Forest state park. There was a wide variety of other species brought in from… Read More

Species list from Pleasant Valley Park on 10/13/2018

A return to the Pleasant Valley Park in collaboration with Friends of Murrysville Parks saw a mixture of over twenty  members and non-members take a longer than expected walk around the park. We normally try to make to… Read More

Species list from Lincoff Foray at North Park on 09/15/2018

Following up from the successful walks at Cook Forest State Park on Friday the main foray was held at Rose Barn in North Park. Perfect weather again made for five very pleasant walks in the woods in the… Read More