Species list from Bird Park on 06/30/2019

Species list entered by Jim Tunney. List of species found on the walk at Bird Park: Abortiporus biennis (), Bjerkandera adusta (Smoky Polypore), Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa (Coral Slime), Chrysomphalina chrysophylla (), Clavulina cristata (Crested Coral Fungus), Coprinellus radians (Orange… Read More

Species list from Dorothy Fornof Walk โ€“ Deer Lakes Park on 06/29/2019

About 25 people turned out for a walk at hidden gem, and disk golf course, Deer Lakes Park. This walk is held in June each year and is named in memory of Dorothy Fornof. Dorothy Fornof (1922 โ€“… Read More

Species list from Devil’s Hollow on 06/08/2019

As the cicadas from Brood VIII start to hatch in the area look for dead ones where the abdomen is missing or been filled with a pale yellow fungal growth. This is Massospora cicadina or the Flying salt… Read More

Species list from Phipps Conservancy Bio-Blitz on 06/02/2019

Two walks were held at the Phipps BioBlitz. A write up for the day and full results for all species are here. Species list entered by James Wasik. Species identified by Identified by La Monte Yarroll. List of… Read More

Species list from McConnells Mill State Park on 05/25/2019

Fifty plus people came out on a beautiful Saturday morning. We were joined by Ivy Kuberry an environmental technician with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources who kindly let us use some of her photos. Three groups… Read More