Photo Contest Results 2005

Dorothy Fornof - Cordyceps militaris

Documentary Results

This type of image emphasizes the features needed to identify the mushroom, generally including mushrooms that are both standing and knocked over to show the gills, pores, bulb at the base of the stem, and other key features.  Images in this category must be correctly identified by Genus and species. Read More

Walk with Dr Sam Ristich

June 24 2005, Miller’s Tract, Slippery Rock

Tour of Mushroom Farm and Factory


Mark Spear, Rebecca Miller, Mark Begin
Sylvan, Inc

WPMC tour of a mushroom farm and factory.  The factory produces mushroom spawn for sale to mushroom growers.  The farm grows test batches agaricus bisporus for quality control.  Sylvan is the world’s largest producer of mushroom spawn. We would like to thank Sylvan, Inc, Mark Spear, Rebecca Miller and Mark Begin for their gracious hospitality in showing us this state of the art facility.

To learn more about Sylvan Inc visit their website.

Mont Alto Foray

Bringing mushrooms to the sorting table.

July 13-15
Meet the Eastern Penn Mushroomers

Yellow Hammer Corral and Heart’s Content

Phallus ravenelii

We found over 80 species on our walk at Yellow Hammer Corral and Heart’s Content: 54 at Yellow Hammer, and 29 at Heart’s Content. Many thanks to the folks at the Yellow Hammer Ranch; they were welcoming and glad to have us explore. If you want to arrange riding there, call Dave at 814-463-3703. Here are some photos:

Mushroom Mania 3

Gary outside

Spring and summer 2001

Pine Ridge Lodge

Photos 2000-2001