Species list from Afternoon walk at Salamander Park on 06/17/2017

Many of Mushroom Education Class attendees came down the hill in order to try their had at finding and identifying mushrooms. We had quite a wide variety of species but not that many specimens of any one species…. Read More

Species list from Phipps Conservancy BioBlitz on 06/11/2017

WPMC had a booth at the Phipps BioBlitz and talked to many interested members of the public that attended the event. We ran two walks with about 10 or so people on each one. We found a fair… Read More

Species list from Talk and Walk with Stonefruit Community Herbalists on 06/10/2017

We had twelve people and only spent 1 hour in the woods, but we came out with an interesting haul. Notable is a rust on jewelweed new to even Club Mycologist John Plischke III and a large rare… Read More

Species list from McConnell’s Mill with Jack Baker on 06/03/2017

About 22 people turned out for a lovely day to walk down into the valley at McConnell’s Mill. We were accompanied by Ranger Natalie Simon. A small group crossed the river at the mill and came back with… Read More

Species list from Sycamore Island Walk with the Allegheny Land Trust on 05/21/2017

A group of 30 people joined Allegheny Land Trust and WPMC to explore Sycamore Island and search for mushrooms. We were ferried over by the good ship Rachel Carson. Weather in the last week had been dry and… Read More