Species list from Salamander Park with the Allegheny Land Trust on 06/09/2018

After and all-day class Judith Mackenroth and La Monte Yarroll took our fourteen ALT Naturalists into the woods at Salamander Park. One of the Naturalists knows the park well and gave us a bit of its history as… Read More

Species list from Phipps BioBlitz on 06/10/2018

WPMC attend the third BioBlitz held by Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park. There was some early rain but the weather did not follow some of the forecasting and the really heavy rain stayed away until after the event. We… Read More

Species list from Bird Park Bioblitz on 06/02/2018

More than 20 adults and lots of kids turned out for WPMC’s walk at Bird Park on June 2, as part of the Mt. Lebanon Conservancy’s BioBlitz. We were accompanied by a writer and photographer for Mt. Lebanon… Read More

Species list from Mingo Creek County Park on 05/19/2018

Over 15 people braved the rain to join us at Mingo this weekend. The sun came out as soon as the walk started and it turned out to be a beautiful day. We found many interesting species and… Read More

Species list from May meeting on 05/15/2018

A number of edible mushrooms brought in at this months meeting including Morels, Chicken of the woods and Dryad’s saddle. We are also starting to see quite a few gilled mushrooms as the weather starts to warm up…. Read More