Species list from Post class walk in Salamander park on 04/14/2018

After the days mushroom education class many of the group joined the class teachers for a walk at Salamander park. The weather was warm and dry but fresh mushrooms were in short supply. We did find quite a… Read More

Species list from Todd Nature Reserve on 03/24/2018

About 20 people attended an early spring mushroom walk at Todd Nature Reserve on Saturday, March 24th. While the temperatures were mild, a few inches of heavily compacted snow remained on several of the trails. Despite the semi-wintry… Read More

Species list from Winter mushroom walk at North Park on 12/16/2017

It was a cold day with snow on the ground for an aptly named winter walk but 10 hardy souls went out to see what they could find. There was a high ratio of club mycologists which helped… Read More

Species list from Black Friday walk at Hartwood Acres on 11/24/2017

About 15 people spent the morning hunting for bargains err mushrooms in Hartwood acres. The weather was clear which meant a cool start but it warmed up nicely by lunchtime. Nothing was really in abundance but there was… Read More

Species list from Mingo Creek County Park on 11/18/2017

Eight intrepid folks braved the cold November rain to join us at Mingo Creek Park, some coming from as far away as Akron and Rochester! We explored stands of Norway Spruce as well as mixed hardwood areas. Species… Read More