Species list from Forbes State Forest on 08/20/2017

A mixture of first time mushroom hunters and club members attended this joint program with walk leaders Rachael Mahony from the PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry and Richard Jacob from WPMC. Before the walk we talked about different… Read More

Species list from Braddock Trail on 08/13/2017

Species list entered by Blaine Sanner. List of species found on the walk at Braddock Trail: Amanita rubescens (Blusher), Baorangia bicolorr (), Cantharellus cibarius (Common Chanterelle; Golden Chanterelle), Cantharellus lateritius (Smooth chanterelle), Cantharellus minor (Small Chanterelle), Clavaria vermicularis… Read More

Species list from Fornoff Foray, Deer Lakes Park on 07/29/2017

10 Hardy mushroomers hunted Deer Lakes Park in this year’s Fornof Foray. A wide variety of mushrooms were found. Although chanterelles were found, they were generally old and beyond their prime. Some of the more interesting species were… Read More

Species list from Hike Ryerson Station with Andy Lariviere on 08/05/2017

Ranger Andy Lariviere led us on a gentle climb up the hills of Ryerson Station. The weather was wonderful for a walk in the woods. About a dozen people joined us for the Southern walk, mostly folks who… Read More

Species list from WPMC July 2017 Monthly Meeting on 07/18/2017

We had a brief update on Cantherellus names from President Richard Jacob followed by a nice talk about the local boletes by Scott Pavelle. We met at North Park Cabin due to construction at our usual venue. Species… Read More