Species list from McConnell’s Mill with Jack Baker on 06/03/2017

About 22 people turned out for a lovely day to walk down into the valley at McConnell’s Mill. We were accompanied by Ranger Natalie Simon. A small group crossed the river at the mill and came back with… Read More

Species list from Sycamore Island Walk with the Allegheny Land Trust on 05/21/2017

A group of 30 people joined Allegheny Land Trust and WPMC to explore Sycamore Island and search for mushrooms. We were ferried over by the good ship Rachel Carson. Weather in the last week had been dry and… Read More

Species list from Frick Park on 05/20/2017

A small group of 6 people joined Fluff Berger for the “Not the Wild Resource Symposium” which was sadly canceled. Species list entered by Fluff Berger. Species identified by Fluff Berger and La Monte Yarroll. List of species… Read More

Cultivation Night notes and Species list from May 2017 General Meeting on 05/16/2017

Wow there were a lot of spawn kits available at the last meeting! Cultivation night has been organized by Jim Tunney and friends for quite a few years now and this one was pretty special.┬áThe main kit was… Read More

Species list from Spring walk at Hartwood acres on 05/13/2017

About 20 people joined walk leader Richard Jacob and took the woods. It was a nice change to have a dry weekend. We explored “mushroom valley” finding a variety of small species before lopping back through the oak… Read More