Species list from October Monthly Meeting on 10/18/2016

Species list entered by La Monte Yarroll. List of species found on the walk at October Monthly Meeting: Agaricus placomyces (Eastern Flat Topped Agaricus), Agaricus xanthodermus (Yellow Foot Agaricus), Agrocybe arvalis (), Aleuria aurantia (Orange Peel Fungus), Amanita… Read More

Species list from Deer Lakes Park on 10/15/2016

A wonderful warm Indian summer day with clear skies and beautiful leaf colors. A medium sized crowd talk a walk at Deer Lakes park in search of mushrooms. Plenty of Disk golf players were out and once they… Read More

Species list from South Park Mushroom Mania on 10/08/2016

Mycologist and Ranger Paul Trusty led our walk. John Plischke III identified Mucronella bresadolae as an especially rare species. It’s beautiful tiny white teeth right on the substrate. At first glace La Monte Yarroll thought it was a… Read More

Species list from Lincoff Foray Walks on 09/24/2016

Here are the finds for the sixteenth annual Lincoff foray. The finds are split up by individual walks. Due to the number of participants some of the walks did not occur or only with a few foragers. The… Read More

Species list from Lincoff pre foray Cook Forest State Park on 09/23/2016

Last years pre-foray walk at Cook Forest State Park was dry, this year conditions were perfect. There was a both a huge variety and an abundance of specimens in the forest. We walked in two different areas, Hemlock… Read More