The Fourteenth Annual Gary Lincoff Mid-Atlantic Mushroom Foray

8am to 7pm, Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2014


Guided morning walks and self-guided afternoon mushroom walks; Mushroom Walks will be conducted in North Park and in other woodlands nearby Lectures: guest speakers: Gary Lincoff, Bill Yule (Connecticut River Naturalist and Bolete Expert)  and Gary Emberger (expert on mushrooms growing on wood); Mushroom Feast; merchandise sales and silent auction.

Featured speaker is Gary Lincoff, author of the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms. Gary, Past-president of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), is the nation’s best-known mushroom expert. He is a charismatic and entertaining speaker and makes learning about mushrooms fun and interesting. His end-of-the-day table-walk discussions are not to be missed.

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club cooks will prepare a Mushroom Feast with dozens of unique mushroom dishes to delight your taste buds.

Guest Mycologists

Gary Lincoff 2010 Gary Lincoff is the author or editor of numerous books and articles on mushrooms, including The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms. He teaches courses on mushroom identification at the New York Botanical Garden. A featured “myco-visionary” in the award-winning documentary Know Your Mushrooms, Gary has led mushroom study trips and forays around the world. Gary Lincoff is again the Principal Mycologist at the Mid-Atlantic Mushroom Foray. Gary has recently published a book, The Complete Mushroom Hunter, An Illustrated Guide to Finding, Harvesting, and Enjoying Wild Mushrooms. Gary’s insights about edible and poisonous mushrooms, picking urban mushrooms, mushroom recipes, and his experiences with wild mushrooms in various cultures around the world make it a delightful read.Gary has his own website that includes much help for beginners, info on toxicity, and scientific articles on DNA classification of mushrooms.  Gary is in high demand as a speaker for mushroom organizations all over North America and has traveled the world studying mushrooms and their relationships with the local culture. We are extremely fortunate to have him come to our foray for the Fourteenth time.
 Bill Yule, picture by Dawn Fine Bill Yule is an Environmental Educator at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex, CT. He has studied mushrooms for over 20 years. He is “interested in all things fungal”,but Boletes are his primary focus. (He uses the name “boletebill” when submitting comments to our Yahoo Groups.) Bill is actively involved with the Connecticut Valley Mycological Society and the North East Mycological Federation and has given talks to a wide variety of mycological, educational, and environmental groups. His greatest satisfaction is helping other mushroomers learn to identify and appreciate fungi. (Photo by Dawn Fine)
 Gary Emberger Gary Emberger has taught biology, including introductory mycology, at Messiah College in south central Pennsylvania for 33 years. He completed a B.S. in biology at PSU and earned a masters and a doctorate degree in plant pathology at Penn State University and North Carolina State University, respectively. He is the author of the online identification guide “Fungi Growing on Wood” which includes keys, photographs, and descriptions of over 250 fungi typically found associated with wood. A member of both Eastern Penn Mushroomers and WPMC, Gary gave a talk on “Using and Making Keys for Identification of Fungi” at the 2011 Lincoff Foray.
 Rytas Vilgalys Rytas Vilgalys is a professor at Duke University Biology Department. His long-term interests focus on the evolution of fungi, particularly the basidiomycetes through molecular and systematic approaches, including both model mushrooms and pathogens of humans and plants. Dr. Vilgalys is a past president of the Mycological Society of America with over 150 scientific publications and book chapters. Current research covers plant microbe interfaces, North American truffles and Dimensions of Biodiversity amongst other topics. The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club is currently collaborating with Dr. Vilgalys on a DNA barcoding project.

Cooking Demonstration

 Tom Chulick Foray favorite Tom Chulick is the Chef-proprietor of the Back Door Café, located in the newly-created Cultural District of Johnstown, PA. After receiving an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts, and cooking at the Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier, Tom and wife Denise opened the Back Door Café. Excellent reviews followed, and in 2011 Tom received an Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Culinary Federation. He is now a certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation.


    • North Park consists of over 3000 acres of extensive recreational facilities and a full system of trails.. This area has mixed woods with some large oak trees. An easy, well marked, nature trail walk. Parking is limited.
    • An easy to moderate walk that takes you past orangy sand cliffs,a geologic surprise similar to the southwestern US. A bit hilly, in mixed hard woods.
    • An area with a fairly large flat top, definitely very mixed woods with large oaks and a stand of pine. For the more adventurous you can drop down over the hill and have lots of other places to hunt.
    • An easy to moderate hilly shaded loop walk starting at the parking lot across from St. Andrews Lutheran Church. Walkable from our foray location. Mixed hardwoods; a good variety of mushrooms can be found at the edges of the path.
    • Hartwood Acres consists of 629 acres. This was part of a large estate with a beautiful formal mansion in the center. The area is mostly wooded with a few open areas. Although it is a mixed woods, there is an abundance of large oaks. There are also stands of conifers..

Afternoon self guided walk

    • A car is not needed for this walk. It starts behind our main foray location and follows an orange blazed trail that you can take either to the left or right that borders a golf course, through mixed woods with occasional stands of tall pines, guaranteed to find golf balls.


Parish Hill facility – Allegheny County’s North Park Walter Road McCandless Township, PA 15101


  • WPMC members: $35 per person Until September 1, 2014
  • WPMC Members: $40 per person after September 1, 2014 or at the door.
  • Non-members: includes admission, 2014 & 2015 membership $55.00 USD
  • Students (with ID) and children 11 to 18: $15 each.
  • Children 10 & under: free

Registration and Release:

Knowing the risks, I (we) agree to assume the risks, and agree to release, hold harmless, and to indemnify the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, and any of its officers or members, from any and all legal responsibility for injuries or accidents incurred by myself or my family during, or as a result of, any mushroom identification, field trip, excursion, meeting or dining sponsored by the club.

Names of Registrants

For more info, contact Barbara DeRiso, Foray Chair: 412-252-2594