Mushroom education product survey

  • The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club board is considering making an educational item on most frequently occurring mushroom species in the area. We are interested in the format that this guide could take and would like to know your opinion. Pictures and information would be taken from the club's Mushroom Catalog . Our original thoughts were a guide book but we feel that our part of the country is already covered by quite a few guide books so a different format would be better. Our second thought was a Laminated sheet but there are already some for sale in the Audubon store.
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    Flash/Identification cards
    Calendar (with month appropriate images of mushrooms on it)
    Phone Application (both iPhone and Android)
    Quick guide to common mushrooms (Laminated sheet)
  • For example to cover the cost of printing a book or calendar and the club would charge something for it. Likewise the development of a phone application would be fairly expensive so the club would charge for the application. The cost to produce a laminated Quick guide may be cheap enough that we can offer one copy free per a club membership.
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  • Please enter your ideas here and add a brief description if it is not immediately clear.
  • Synoptic Identification Keys

  • Another idea is to create some additional Synoptic Identification Keys, like the Bolete Filter, for other difficult to identify mushroom families, for example Amanitas, Lactarius or, dare I say it, Russulas. These keys would only cover the species found in the club's catchment area.
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    Other famlies or groups
  • We appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions and will tally the results in a couple of weeks time and make our decision.