Species list from Morels at Pine Ridge Park on 05/01/2022

It was pouring down as we met outside of the lodge at Pine Ridge Park. Around 10 intrepid mushroom hunters were there to search for the elusive morels. Unfortunately, it had been a dry week before hand and the deluge would have been great a few days earlier. From past...

Species list from Ohio Township community park in Sewickley on 04/23/2022

In the morning a mushroom education class was held with lectures in the use if iNaturalist with Julie Travaglini and identification of Morels with Cara Coulter. In the second half the class learnt the basics of cultivation from Espo Wilcox from PA Mushroom Company and...

WPaMC Mycologist John Plischke III Honored with Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Education Award from PAEE.org

“John Plischke III is a founding member of the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, which has become one of the largest mushroom clubs in the US. He can often be found away from home in the woods giving mushroom talks, identifying, and photographing mushrooms. When not in the woods John can be found on iNaturalist helping others identify their mushrooms, where he has made 375,844 mushroom identifications for others.”

Species list from Beaver Meadow Birthday Walk 2021 on 06/12/2021

Species list entered by Cara Coulter. List of species found on the walk at Beaver Meadow Birthday Walk 2021: Artomyces pyxidatus (Crown-tipped Coral Fungus), Boletus subvelutipes (Red-Mouth Bolete), ...

Species list from Todd Nature Reserve-Halloween Walk-2021 on 10/31/2021

The Halloween Walk was extremely fun. We were so lucky to have such a great group with us this day. We gave out candy and cookies. Some of our members even dressed up! The area we walked in was a Hemlock dominated area near a creek, and it did not disappoint. We found...

Lincoff Foray

Mark your calendars now for the 22nd annual Gary Lincoff Foray – September 24, 2022. Registration will open at a later date.

About the club

The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club was created to promote the enjoyment, study, and exchange of information about wild mushrooms. Everyone who has an interest in wild mushrooms is welcome to become a member. Activities include regular meetings, projects centered on mushrooms, and walks and forays.

Bolete filter

The Bolete Filter is a triage (A Synoptic Key) for North American Boletes developed by Scott Pavelle with lots of input from other club members and country wide experts and hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club.