Pleurotus pulmonarius

Summer Oyster

Species list from Lincoff Foray at North Park on 09/12/2020

This years official foray was split between three walks in the morning and an online interview with Long Litt Woon due to the ongoing pandemic. The normal events were sorely missed especially the mushroom feast and the gathering… Read More

Species list from Cook Forest State Park on 09/11/2020

This years walk at Cook forest were split between shelters 1 and 2 with walk leaders Richard Jacob and Adam Haritan respectively and a roughly equal number of participants. Unfortunately due to the short notice that participants received… Read More

Species list from Townsend park on 09/05/2020

A group of Friends of Murrysville Parks and club members joined us for a walk at Townsend park. It was a sunny day and a great time to be in the park. After the recent dry spell the… Read More

Species list from McConnels Mills "Secret" Walk on 07/19/2020

This was the clubs second socially distanced “secret” walk . The group of around 20 people split into two groups going north and south along slippery rock creek. The group ranged from first time mushroom hunters to experienced… Read More