Feb 6, 2013

Members of the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club can join the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) at a reduced price.

NAMA membership covers up to two adults living at the same address. That means you and your significant other, plus all your children under 18 can join for one low membership fee. Membership in NAMA for WPMC members is now only $25, with an emailed issue their newsletter, The Mycophile. Checks should be payable to NAMA (NOT WPMC). Contact Valerie Baker for more information and instructions.

What is the North American Mycological Association (NAMA)?

  • NAMA is a non-profit organization of professional and amateur mycologists that includes over 70 mycological societies in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • NAMA is committed and dedicated to the promotion of scientific and educational activities related to fungi.
  • NAMA supports the protection of natural areas and their biological integrity.
  • NAMA advocates the sustainable use of mushrooms as a resource and endorse the responsible mushroom collecting that does not harm the fungi or their habitats.

Why you should join NAMA:

  • Increase your knowledge of mushrooms and other fungi.
  • Keep informed about activities in the field of mycology.
  • Be in contact with people who have a similar interest in mycology, whether it is taxonomy, ecology, toxicity, mycophagy or the many other practical uses of fungi.

What NAMA Does:

  • Conferences Holds an annual conference/foray in different parts of the United States, often with short courses in mycology, always with lectures by professional mycologists.
  • Newsletter Publishes The Mycophile, which gives mycological news and reports, notice of events of interest to members, reviews of recent books, and poison information.
  • Journal Publishes McIlvainea, that contains articles by leading professional and amateur mycologists.
  • Photo Contest Conducts an annual photo contest and loans CDs of the winning entries of each contest.
  • Educational Programs Provides teaching kits and activities for K-12 grade levels and professionally produced CDs for club use.
  • Directories Publishes an annual directory of members and mushroom clubs.

Learn more about NAMA at: www.namyco.org