On Gary Lincoff’s suggestion rather than linking to a Google search of images we should really be using images of mushrooms collected locally. To this end we are building a catalog or Mushroom Catalog. The Mushroom Catalog will contain entries for all the species taken from the clubs life time list found here in Western Pennsylvania. The catalog entries will contain images of the species and links to other website such as Index Fungorum, Michael Kuo’s MushroomExpert.Com website, Google images, and Wikipedia. DNA sequencing results will also be included in the catalog. Such an online catalog would be searchable on the site and by the web in general.

You can see an example species entry  here. Hopefully, entries for the complete life list will be available soon. We will need clear, focused, high resolution images. If you are sending a large quantity of images, the easiest way is to use a free file transfer service such as WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com). If you are only sending a few, they can be emailed. Send all files to: [email protected]. You can also collect your images and put them on a jump drive (flash stick) or CD/DVD and bring them to club meetings. Use the photographed full species name, period a short description of the image, period By “photographers name” as the filenames. For example:
  • Pholiota limonella, Gills. By Jane Doe.jpg
  • Pholiota limonella, Cap. By Jane Doe.jpg
  • Pholiota limonella, Stem. By Jane Doe.jpg
WPMC may use your photographs on the website and, when we do, they will always be accompanied by your name as photographer (mentioned on the same page or caption of the image). WPMC will not allow the use of your photographs on other websites, although realistically we cannot prevent this. We will not sell or provide the images to others without your permission and the images remain the property and under the copyright of you the photographer and are used under license by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club. Please don’t upload anything that isn’t yours and only upload relevant images, e.g. photos of fungi, mushrooms or groups of mushrooms.
If you wish to write a description of a species, please use the form on this page. Again, your contribution will be credited to you and will be used in the catalog.

An example species entry.

Please upload your description for the western PA Species Catalog.

  • Please enter the Latin name.
  • As per the Field Key of Mushroom Groups. Based on easily observed field characteristics for the recognition of our mushrooms. By Gary Lincoff.
  • National Audubon Society Field guide to Mushrooms, Gary LincoffPage number of image (page number of description).
  • Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians Page number.
  • Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America Roger Phillips Page number.
  • North American Boletes Page number.
  • Mushrooms of Northeastern North America Page number.
  • Optional short description, less that 100 characters.
  • Write your species description here. Please use original text where possible. Humor is fine.
  • Uploaded description policy

    Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club will use the description for display on the site, and when it does so, it will always accompanied with your name as author (mentioned on the same page).

    Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club might make use of the description in published work (such as our newsletter) . However we will not sell or provide the descriptions to others without your permission.

    The description remains the property and under the copyright of the author and are used under license by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club.

    As far as possible the description needs to be original and not copied form Wikipedia, other websites or books.

    By uploading the description, you indicate you agree to the "Uploaded description policy".