Species list from McConnel’s Mill on 08/18/2019

A small group of six combed the sides of the Kildoo trail, and while overall numbers of mushrooms were low, diversity was great with 50+ species. The highlight of the day was finding multiple Cordyceps militaris, a first… Read More

Species list from Dead Man’s Hollow with ALT on 08/17/2019

22 enthusiastic people braved the somewhat confusing trails at Dead Man’s Hollow on Saturday morning. After some shortcuts and loops we all made it out safely with many mushrooms to identify. 30 species were ID’d by Jared White,… Read More

Species list from Mystery walk in North Park on 08/10/2019

Typically several Russulas, including a huge foetid “stinker” went unidentified. A couple Amanitas also went unidentified. Species list entered by Robert Bosiljevac. List of species found on the walk at Mystery walk in North Park: Amanita brunnescens (Cream… Read More

Species list from Blue Knob State Park on 07/27/2019

Not one, not Two, but THREE mushroom events were held at Blue Knob State Park (Bedford County). WPMC Mycologist John Plischke lead a walk on Chappells Field Trail before returning to the Buck Hill Amphitheater and identifying the… Read More

Species list from Audubon Greenway with Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) on 07/20/2019

Neither threat of storm nor sweltering heat would hinder our hikers! Expecting to find chanterelles under the mature oaks, we were surprised (and disappointed) to find none at all. A few tiny species of Marasmioid fungi were admired… Read More