Agrocybe arvalis sclerotia – Fruiting Instructions

This is the third kit that many of you received at the May 2013 meeting and consists of a plastic cup filled with sand and a small bag with Agrocybe arvalis sclerotia. A sclerotium (plural sclerotia, from Greek… Read More

Lentinus Tigrinus – Fruiting Instructions

The second mushroom kit from the May 2013 meeting was the Styrofoam cup filled with sawdust colonized with Lentinus Tigrinus mycelium and prepared by Jim Tunney. Lentinus Tigrinus is reported as a shiitake-like mushroom, but with a gentler flavor and… Read More

Introduction to DNA Barcoding talk

May 2013  meeting presentation by Richard Jacob The beginnings of the WPMC DNA barcoding project, an introduction to DNA barcoding and the first results.

Growing the Oyster Mushroom kits

The first kit you received at the May 2013 meeting was a plastic shopping bag containing cottonseed hulls and a small ziplock bag of pink oyster spawn. If you are not going to start the kit in the… Read More

The results are in the first four DNA Barcoding samples.

Progress was stalled for a few weeks while we tried to order the oligo primers needed for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) from Sigma. They OK’ed the order but did not process it. We went with a different… Read More