Hot and Sour soup

Morel season has arrived a bit later this year but that does not mean there are no edible mushrooms available for collecting. On a recent club walk in Hartwood acres we found quite a lot of Wood Ear mushroom… Read More

Poisonous Wild Mushrooms

Gyromitra esculenta

Meeting presentation by John Stuart

March-April 2014 newsletter published

First newsletter of the year has been sent out and members should have revived a copy by email or post. You can see the first page here, members receive the full newsletter by post or email.  The newsletter included… Read More

Pasta with mushrooms

Pasta with mushrooms

This is a little different from the classic pasta and mushroom dishes in that it does not use cream or dairy as a base for the sauce. The recipe works well with Farfalle shaped pasta, bow ties or… Read More

Common Purple Mushrooms

Clitocybe nuda

October 2009 meeting presentation by John Stuart