Species list from Secret walk at Deer Lakes Park – Dorothy Fornof foray on 06/27/2020

This is the first “secret walk” that we held in order to comply with a limit of 25 people in the group and maintaining social distancing etc. It was also the first walk of the year! A June… Read More

Species list from Phipps Bioblitz on 06/03/2020

As part of the Phipps BioBlitz Fluff Berger and Richard Jacob recorded their finds from the area around the conservatory. In past years we have found more species in part because we have people walking with us that means… Read More

Walk reports from May 2ed.

As the club works around the social distancing and pandemic restrictions we have two very different kinds of walks from this weekend. The first event was a Facebook Live stream where you could accompany club identifier Cara Barkley… Read More

Species list from Bird Park on 02/02/2020

WPMC Groundhogs day walk with James Tunney as walk leader. Walk was lovely, the weather was a bit warmer and the sun was shining. Found a decent variety of mushrooms today! One of our member found a fossil… Read More

Species list from Black Friday walk at Hartwood acres on 11/29/2019

Over 20 people joined us for a walk on Black Friday hunting for a different sort of bargain. This year the first of the non winter walks was held at Hartwood acres at the end of April. Eight… Read More