Species list from Salamander Park on 07/11/2015

A hearty band of about 15 energetic mushroomers led the by Dick Dougall attacked the steep hill in Salamander Park.  Included in the band were Pam Panchak, a photographer, and Zack Hudak, an intern for he Post Gazette.  They… Read More

Species list from Dorothy Fornof Foray Deer Lakes on 06/20/2015

A hearty band of 20 mushrooms searched for mushrooms in Deer Lakes County Park on June 20, 2015. This walk is held every year in Deer Lakes Park in memory of Dorothy Fornof, one of the first group… Read More

Species list from Townsend Park on 06/27/2015

Species list entered by Richard Jacob. Walk leaders Richard Jacob and Pia van de Venne from Friends of Murrysville Parks. A very wet day! Weather varied from heavy rain to torrential downpour. The mushrooms of course do not care… Read More

Species list from June Meeting on 06/16/2015

Lots of species were brought in to the meeting, many of the boletes were from north park. Quite a contrast in the kind of species found on Saturdays walk at Camp Guyasuta. Identified by the club identifiers La… Read More

Species list from Camp Guyasuta on 06/13/2015

Walk leader Kate Pavelle. Lots of rain so lots of species, over 40 , on this walk. A new species for me was Clavaria vermicularis or the White Worm Coral Fungus. There are also some great macro photos… Read More