The goal of the WPMC is to promote the enjoyment, study and exchange of information about wild mushrooming. Over the years we have been fortunate to have had many excellent lecturers speak on a variety of mycological topics at our monthly meetings and at courses for the beginner and advanced mushroomer. In this section of our website we have made much of this material available to anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of fungi. We thank the people who have allowed their material to be put on line. We are doing this for educational purposes only, not for profit.  A lot of the information and photos are from our personal experiences but we probably all, at some time, have begged or borrowed from other internet sites. We have tried to reference and give credit to everyone whose material we have included. We ask for forgiveness if we have not listed every source and if there is something that should not be included please let us know and we will remove or correct it.

In 2013, the WPMC began a project, headed by Richard Jacob, to do DNA sequencing. Richard has an extensive background in protein chemistry and proteomics. He has been instrumental in putting this program together. We hope it may serve as a model for other Mushroom Clubs and Societies who wish to do similar work. Please read the DNA Barcoding Project pages for further information.

Also in 2013, The WPMC initiated a Scholarship/Grant program to provide support for projects, individuals, institutions, equipment purchases or events that promote the Club’s mission of education, research, teaching, training and increasing the public’s awareness of wild mushrooming. Further information can be obtained by clicking on “WPMC Scholarship/Grant Program”.

Also added are links to or included material that other clubs or individuals have made available. Thanks to them for allowing the dissemination of their knowledge to a wider audience.