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Date(s) - 09/12/2024 - 09/15/2024
All Day

Joe Bottoms Campground


Embark on the captivating narrative of the Ohio Mushroom Festival – a community deeply rooted in local passion and committed to the exploration and exchange of wisdom surrounding the culinary, healing, and medicinal marvels found in mushrooms and plants. Join us as we cultivate a shared understanding of the natural world and unlock the transformative secrets held within these extraordinary gifts from nature. Our story is one of unity, learning, and a profound appreciation for the diverse benefits that mushrooms and plants bring to our lives. Welcome to the heartwarming tale of the Ohio Mushroom Festival, where community and knowledge intertwine to create a tapestry of discovery and celebration. 

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We request that no one hunts a walk or foray location for at least two weeks prior to a walk or foray. It is only through your cooperation that we can have successful walks and forays. All walks & forays will be held rain or shine. Come 15-30 min early and socialize. All walks start on time, so be early, if you are late we will already be in the woods. If you are a club member and have already joined our Facebook Group you can find last minute additions or changes there.