We had so much fun trying out a night walk illuminated by UV flashlights last year that we decided to do it again! This year’s walk was on a cold evening following a day of heavy rain. While the weather may have steered some participants away, those who braved the cold were treated to many glowing delights scattered about the forest.

A group of about 15 folks joined us as we searched along the Old Logging Road trail. Many different glowing fungi were discovered, including bright blue Entolomas, yellow-orange Cryptotramas, various Russulas, and an unusually glowing mold growing on a Tyromyces, among many others.

Thanks to all who joined us in our foray for fluorescent fungi!
By Stephen Bucklin

Species list entered by Richard Jacob. These are just some of the species identified so far.

Cyptotrama chrysopepla
Callistosporium pseudofelleum ( )


Species missing from list:
Entoloma alboumbonatum
Laccaria striatula
Russula betularum
Russula “sp-IN49”
Russula “sp-Woo21”

Pictures by Cara Coulter, Richard Jacob, Dawn Wehman: