Find of the day was Coccomyces triangularis, a new entry to the clubs life list. Coccomyces triangularis is rarely observed/identified so true abundance is not yet known.
Species list entered by Julie Travaglini.

[icon style=”camera”] Allodus podophylli ( Mayapple Rust),
[icon style=”camera”] Cyathus striatus ( Splash Cups),
[icon style=”camera”] Diatrype stigm ( Common Tarcrust Fungus),
[icon style=”camera”] Exidia nigricans ( Beech jelly roll),
[icon style=”camera”] Exidia crenata ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Ganoderma lucidum ( Ling Chi),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes betulina ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Metatrichia vesparium ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Mollisia cinerea ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Myxarium nucleatum ( Crystal Brain),
[icon style=”camera”] Neofavolus alveolaris ( Hexagonal-pored Polypore),
[icon style=”camera”] Phellinus robiniae (Cracked cap polypore, Locust polypore),
[icon style=”camera”] Pluteus cervinus ( Deer mushroom),
[icon style=”camera”] Ramularia rubella ( Dock leaf rust),
[icon style=”camera”] Stereum complicatum ( Crowded Parchment),
[icon style=”camera”] Poronidulus conchifer ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes cinnabarina (),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes gibbosa ( Lumpy bracket),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes versicolor ( Turkey-tail),
[icon style=”camera”] Trichaptum biforme ( Violet Toothed-Polypore)

Species missing from list:
Coccomyces triangularis
Taphrina caerulescens (Oak Leaf Blister)