Welcome to the recipe section of the WPMC website. If you wish to publish a recipe send the details to [email protected]. Please include one or more pictures of the finished dish if possible. Pictures of the starting ingredients and steps are also accepted and can be used. We request that no direct copies of recipes from books or other websites are submitted. Ideally these are recipes for dishes a member brought to a meeting, pot luck or Foray. They may have originated in a book or magazine but should be club member tried and true. If your recipe is based on a published recipe please include the reference to the original. We look forward to receiving recipes for some of your favorite mushroom dishes.

Spiced wild mushroomsBy Richard JacobServe this appetizer on toast or crackers. The spices go really with the apricot/citrusy flavor of chanterelles but you can use any flesh mushrooms or a combination of them.
Puffball Parmesan frittersBy Richard JacobThis is a very simple fritter. I find the Parmesan cheese really compliments the mushroom flavor. You can make the fritter more study by dipping the puffball in seasoned flour before the egg and cheese. If you have dehydrated some puffballs previously you can mix the flour with a couple of tablespoons of puffball powder for extra mushroom flavor. The measurements in this recipe are not exact but the proportions are reasonable as it really depends on how much puffball you have . . .
Honey mushroom pierogiesBy Richard JacobHere is a great autumn dish with lots of Pittsburgh flair - honey mushroom pierogies. Now for those that don't know me I am not from Pittsburgh and I don't have an Eastern European background which means I won't be making the pierogies the same way as your Mother/Grandmother/Babcia . So take my recipe for pierogi dough with a pinch of salt, if you have a different/better recipe please feel free to use that. For those that don't have a pierogi dough recipe this one should work just fine. Honey mushrooms are named after their color rather than their taste. They can have a bit of a livery taste and if this is the first time eating honey mushrooms try the cream cheese variation first. I recommend cooking the Honey mushrooms quite well in order to bring out the flavor and avoid any adverse reactions that are occasionally reported when they are under cooked. You can of course use any mushrooms, wild or store brought, or a mixture of mushrooms for this recipe. Button mushrooms and Shiitake would both work well.
Buffalo chicken of the woods and blue cheese dipBy Richard JacobI had recently found some nice young and fresh chicken of the woods and was looking for an appetizer recipe rather then the more traditional main courses and came across this Buffalo chicken of the woods recipe. After trying it I had to share. I have adapted the original recipe by The Foraged Foodie. Chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus or Laetiporus cincinnatus) has a great texture that is very similar to cooked chicken. You need young chicken of the woods for the best texture when cooking. If it is too old it either becomes very hard and woody or worse, mealy. Finding young and fresh chicken of the woods is a lot rarer than you think. If you do find a nice fruiting and have some spare it is easy to store. Clean the shelfs and cut the really woody parts off then vacuum pack if you can and freeze. The blue cheese sauce and celery sticks are optional but why not go all with this fabulous appetizer? No one will complain if you use bottle ranch or blue cheese dressing.