Thank you to Sara Klingensmith for judging this years photo contest. The winners were announced at the October meeting. There were four categories to enter Pictorial, Documentary, Judge’s Option and new this year Mushrooms in Art.

Pictorial: This division is for single photos that illustrate the beauty and variety of fungi in form and color. The objective is a photo suitable for display or illustration in a fine book. Judging criteria include consideration of both technical (focus, depth of field, exposure, lighting, color, absence of distracting elements) and artistic (composition, color, background, lighting) aspects.

John Gardiner – Honey mushroom
Fluff Berger – Amanita in a stump
Calvin DziewulskiCalostoma

Documentary: For single photographs especially suited as illustrations in a field guide or monograph, or for use in a lecture. Emphasis is placed on portrayal of key morphological characteristics such that the usefulness of the image as an identification aid is maximized. Subjects may be shot in the field, laboratory or studio and the photographer has complete freedom to process, manipulate, or orient the specimen in any desired manner to achieve the goal. Close-ups of single features and photomicrographs are acceptable. Judging criteria will be the same as in the Pictorial category but they will be of secondary importance to the overall mycological utility of the photo. Accurate identification of the subject will be a consideration.

Cecily Franklin – Lycogala conicum
Dawn WehmanClimacodon septentrionalis

Judge’s Option: For photos which do not fit into the Pictorial or Documentary divisions. Examples include fungi in an interesting situation, fungi with animals, people enjoying fungi.

Brianna Albert PuchiRussula virescens
Stephen Bucklin – Asterophora lycoperdoides
Cecily Franklin – Hypomyces chrysopermus guttation

Dawn Wehman – Grifola frondosa

Mushrooms in Art : The new division is for single photos featuring original artwork that depicts fungi. Art entries must be family-friendly and fit one of three criteria:  2-D drawings and paintings: charcoal/pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, ink, etc., 2-D mosaics or mushroom-themed arrangements. The view should be captured in one photo., Non-Animated Digital Art: photo manipulation, digital illustrations, and collages. Judging will be based on the clarity of the image, as well as the creativity reflected in the artwork.

Stephen Bucklin – 3D rendering of Boletinellus merulioides
George Latkey – Amanita nesting dolls
Patty Houck – Rosy Gill