A big THANK YOU to WPMC Identifier Josh Doty for once again judging this year’s WPMC Photo Contest, with assistance from WPMC Mycologist Kimberly Plischke and WPMC Identifier Jared White.
The winners were:

  • First Place: Fluff Berger, Flammulina velutipes (Velvet Foot)
  • Second Place: Kris Murawski, Shiitake
  • Third Place: Cara Coulter, Laccaria amethystina (Amethyst Deceiver)


  • Dirk Cappo, Cystoderma ganosum

Judge’s Option

  • Cheree Charmello Andrews, Mushroom Dinner
  • Jennifer Bechak, Red Ganoderma
  • Stephen Bucklin, Urnula criterium (Devil’s Urn)

Congratulations to all the winners! The results were presented on WPMC’s YouTube channel.

Here are all the rest of the entries: