Soil Ecology and Agriculture

A presentation from Dr. Sarah Meiss, Associate Professor, California University of PA Dr. Sarah Meiss gave an excellent talk at the April 2015 meeting on how she became interested in mycology and some of her current work including… Read More

Safety Advisory

A presentation from Richard Jacob As the mushroom season starts I would like to advise our members on two issue effecting our safety in the woods this year.

Fungi Education Day registration open

Would you like to know what mushrooms are in season? Which ones are poisonous?  Fungi pictures coming out dark and blurry? Interested in learning how to identify a mushroom yourself? Wondering what to do with the mushrooms after you… Read More

Old mushrooms texts available for free on the internet.

  I’ve always had a love of books and when I became interested in mushrooms and fungi the first place I looked were guidebooks to help me identify what I was finding. There are many great modern books with… Read More

Introduction to Polypores

A presentation from Jack Baker, Dick Dougall, Joyce Gross, Jim Tunney and La Monte Yarroll What are polypores and what do they do  —  Jim Tunney Classification and identification tips  —  La Monte Yarroll Species Identification  —  Jack Baker, Joyce Gross,… Read More