Species list from All Out 2017 at South Park on 01/28/2017

Walk leader La Monte Yarroll. We held a winter walk in response to another REI initiative to get people out into the wilds. We had over 30 people attend and we have quite a few species to add… Read More

Species list from Lincoff Foray at North Park on 09/19/2015

In the run up to the Lincoff foray we were fortunate to have a few heavier rain storms which resulted in about an average number of species found. The number of specimens collected per a species was lower… Read More

Gary Lincoff video recorded during the 15th Lincoff foray.

Club member Adam Haritan from Learn Your Land and, as of this Tuesday, the WPMC board of directors, has published an interview with Gary Lincoff. The video was recorded over the first two days of the foray. Adam… Read More

Species list from the Lincoff foray in Cook Forest State park on 09/18/2015

About 100 mushroom hunters gathered in Cook Forest State Park as part of a special Friday foray as part of the Lincoff foray. The weather had been dry but even so a large number of species were found…. Read More

Species list from Hens in the wood, North Park on 10/17/2015

A cool day at North Park with a big turn out of mushroom hunters. Some mushroom hunters from the Gray Wolf Gallery brought a number of large Hen of the woods/sheepshead mushrooms (Grifola frondosa) to show us all… Read More