Website review – add your comments to this thread.

I have turned comments on without moderation during the review. If you have some general ideas and want a public discussion on them please leave them as a comment to this post. As many of you know the… Read More

Chanterelle Soup

By Jim Wasik as offered at 2012 Lincoff Foray Ingredients 1 pound fresh chanterelle mushrooms โ€“ or other mushrooms in season 5 tablespoons butter (or olive oil) Fresh Lemon Juice โ€“ squeeze or two 2 leeks โ€“ cleaned… Read More

Lifetime membership awarded to Dick and Mary Ellen Dougall

At the March 2013 meeting, Dick and Mary Ellen Dougall were honored with LIFETIME Membership in the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club. They were awarded a framed certificate stating: The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club bestows Lifetime Membership on Dick… Read More

Whatman FTA PlantSaver Cards have arrived!

The DNA Barcoding project is moving ahead and our first major purchase has arrived. The Whatman FTA PlantSaver Cards will be used to collect the mushroom DNA. A small piece is cut off the mushroom and placed on… Read More

How Many Mushrooms Do You Know?

Dick Dougall, John Stuart and Joyce Gross gave an excellent quiz at the first meeting of the year. We were asked to identify 50 common mushrooms from pictures and knowing the season when they are normally found.