The Gary Lincoff Memorial Foray

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Date(s) - 09/15/2018
8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Rose Barn


The Gary Lincoff Memorial Foray will be held on Saturday, September 15th : Walks, presentations, auction, book signing, sales, table-walk, mushroom feast. Rose Barn, Pearce Mill Rd, North Park, McCandless Township, PA, 15101. We plan to combine this with a walk and mushroom collection in Cook Forest State Park on the Friday.

8am to 7pm, Saturday, Sept. 15th, 2018


Guided morning walks and self-guided afternoon mushroom walks; Mushroom Walks will be conducted in North Park and in other woodlands nearby Lectures: guest speakers: Taylor Lockwood, Walt Sturgeon and John Plischke III; Mushroom Feast; merchandise sales and silent auction.

Taylor Lockwood: Greatest Hits and Latest Clips. Taylor Lockwood will do a “short” recap of his 34 years (so far) of mushroom photography and world travel.  The show will have lots of new stories as well as many bioluminescent mushrooms, including, of course, THE STAMP!  Since his last tour, Taylor has been to New Zealand (3 times), Australia, Canada, Costa Rica (twice), and Malaysia (Borneo).  Most of his photography will be animated in some form or another.

Walt Sturgeon, author of multiple filed guides and experienced field mycologist, will be presenting on the  “Mushrooms of the Appalachians” which will coincide nicely with his upcoming book, “Appalachian Mushrooms: A Field Guide.” .

John Plischke III: Edible Mushrooms and How to Prepare Them. Many species of edible mushrooms are found in our area.  Their ecology, season, tips for finding some of them, and the many dishes that can be made from them will be discussed.  Some common poisonous lookalikes will also be shown.  One of the tricks to coming home with a full basket, even in woods that are well hunted, is to know enough edible species that often get overlooked.  Be advised that after the show you may go away very hungry.

Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club cooks will prepare a Mushroom Feast with dozens of unique mushroom dishes to delight your taste buds.

Guest Mycologists​

  Taylor Lockwood grew up near Seattle in an art-aware environment and took to music at an early age. After high school he entered the University of Washington College of Architecture, but by the time he was 21 he was playing several musical instruments and soon moved to California to start a band. After spending several years in the San Francisco Bay Area, he moved to Los Angeles. Then after three bands and seven years of heat and smog, he set out looking for a cooler and greener place to live. In December 1984, in the middle of the rainy season, he moved to Mendocino, California. In his first week there, he “discovered” mushrooms, bought a camera, and started taking photos. After a year of customizing his equipment and focusing his direction, he presented his first slide show for the Los Angeles Mycological Society annual fair. Since then, he has taken thousands of photos and done hundreds of shows in the U.S. and around the world.His work has appeared in the National Geographic Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many other publications. Like many other amateur and professional mycologists, Taylor is a pioneer in the discovery and appreciation of mushrooms and other fungi. For examples of Taylor’s photos please see his fabulous website.

Walt Sturgeon

Walt Sturgeon is a nationally recognized field mycologist who has 40 years of experience with wild mushrooms, primarily in eastern North America. He has served as President of the Ohio Mushroom Society, as well as Vice President and Foray Chairman of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA). Walt is the author of “Mushrooms of the Northeast”, which was recognized as the best field guide of 2016. He has received NAMA’s Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology and the Northeast Mycological Federation’s Friend of the Amateur award.


  WPMC Mycologist John Plischke III is a nationally recognized expert on mushroom identification, photography, cultivation, and toxicology.  In demand as a speaker, John has won numerous awards and is the author of “Good Mushroom, Bad Mushroom”.

John is a founding member of WPMC, where he is a frequent walk leader, newsletter contributor, and speaker.  In 2002, John won WPMC’s Outstanding Service Award.  He is also WPMC’s Trustee to the Northeast Mycological Federation (NEMF), who presented him with a service award in 2016.

John is also a lifetime member of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), where he serves on the Cultivation Committee, Chairs the Photography Committee, and voluntarily assists in the identification of mushrooms in poisoning cases.  He received NAMA’s Knighton Award in 2003 and the Gary Lincoff Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology in 2017.


Rose Barn – Allegheny County’s North Park, Pearce Mill Rd, McCandless Township, PA, 15101


  • WPMC members: $35 per person
  • Non-members: includes admission, 2018 & 2019 membership $55.00 USD
  • Students (with ID) and children 11 to 18: $15 each.
  • Children 10 & under: free

We are looking for volunteers to help at the event, please sign up to help.

Registration is now open.You can fill out an interactive PDF application form and mail it in or use the online form:

For more info, contact Barbara DeRiso, Foray Chair: 412-252-2594

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