We have published a few recipes on the website in the past, they are now hidden away in the archives of the website. However, we thought it was high time to dedicate a section of the website to cooking, after all what are you going to do with all those mushrooms that you find! I would like to introduce the new recipe section (there is a link in the top menu bar too). Here you will find the previous recipes in a new format and any new recipes that we publish. Have a favorite recipe you would like to share? Let us know. I will also be publishing the recipes from this years cooking demo just as soon as I have typed them all in.

Our first donation is from Richard & Cecily Franklin and will be a perfect accompaniment for your roast turkey. Click on the recipe name or image, not the green circle to open the recipe page.

Wild Mushroom StuffingBy Cecily FranklinJust in time for Thanksgiving, here’s a recipe for Wild Mushroom Stuffing from Richard & Cecily Franklin.