Last year I received two separate donations of printed copies of old club newsletters. I would like to thank John and Kim Plischke plus Caroline Plazek and her father, for their donations. This pile of newsletters then sat around my office for many months gathering dust. Until now! I no longer know if school is on or off due to the recently enforced distance learning but my daughter assures me it is actually Spring Break and that she had time on her hands. She agreed to a small project and scanned in all the newsletters in the stack that cover the first 10 years of the club. Thank you Zinta for all that hard work! We now have a more or less complete set of newsletters covering the 19 years of the club on the website. There are a few missing issues or it may be the club did not publishing all the editions for a year. If you have a missing issue let me know.

If you are quarantined and need some light reading material I recommend taking a look. You can find plenty of stories and pictures from walks years past. See if you can recognize some of the long time members from the pictures. There are stories of great finds, poisoning, puzzles, recipes and guides. There are plenty of descriptions of mushrooms, how to identify them and where to find them mixed in with the other stories. The names of some of the species may have changed but they are the same mushrooms. The scanned images of the newsletters were run through a text recognition program so they are searchable too.

Enjoy a bit of history while we wait for the mushrooms to pop this season.