Oyster Mushroom kits

Our thanks again to Jim Tunney for preparing the spawn for the cultivation night.

If you were at the May cultivation meeting you will have collected a plastic shopping bag containing cottonseed hulls and a ziplock bag. The ziplock bag contained the oyster mushroom spawn. If you have not already started the kits place the bag of spawn in the fridge.

Oyster mushroom preparation

Prepare hulls

  • Put hulls in a large pot (use 2 pots if necessary)
  • Add water to cover hulls Bring to a rolling boil
  • Drain water off hulls Replace hulls in pot and cool with cover on to room temperature
  • Mix spawn & hulls thoroughly
  • Put mix in plastic bag

Spawn growth

  • Incubate bag at room temp and low light for 14 days
  • Watch mycelium grow from spawn over the hulls


  • Look for white clumps Cut ½ inch holes in plastic over clumps for fruiting
  • Mist the bag with water and incubate in a cool place
  • Harvest mushrooms when edges are slightly curled or uncurled

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  1. My husband and I each got a starter kit and I did them the same but one just started to produce mushrooms and one is not doing anything yet. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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