Our thanks to Rebecca Miller for judging the 2013 WPMC Photo Contest.


This type of image emphasizes the features needed to identify the mushroom, generally including mushrooms that are both standing and knocked over to show the gills, pores, bulb at the base of the stem, and other key features.  Images in this category must be correctly identified by Genus and species.

1st Place   Chlorophyllum rhacodes  ~ Fluff  Berger
2ed Place   Fall Pumpkin Psilocybe,    Leratiomyces squamosus ~ Dick Dougall
3rd Place   Tree Volvariella  ~  Richard Franklin


Images of a beautiful fungus in nature.  None are knocked down to show the underside, and they are identified at least to Genus (such as Amanita) but the species is also given if known.

1st Place   Jack O’Lanterns and Flowers   ~ Dick Dougall
2ed Place   Laccaria amethystina   ~ Cecily Franklin
3rd Place   Morchella esculentoides(?)  ~ Richard Jacob

Judge’s Option

All mushroom photo entries that do not fit into the documentary or pictorial categories belong here. This includes things such as mushroom events, humorous pictures, or pictures of a mushroom dinner or food. Images in this category must be titled but Genus or species need not be given unless desired by the contestant.

1st Place   Earth Star  ~ George Banyas
2ed Place   Tricholoma sulphureum   ~  Martha Wasik
3rd Place   Ryan Tomazin


And for this year we have a special category serendipity

1st Place  Bolete in a beer bottle ~Barb DeRiso found the bottle and  Dick Dougall took the photo, on a club walk in north Park
2ed Place  Morchella esculenta with Toad  ~ John Kirk
3rd Place  Grandpa and Maria  ~ Caroline Miller – What Mushroom Club is all about!


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