Pictures from the Fourteenth Annual Gary Lincoff Mid-Atlantic Mushroom Foray

Hot of the press here are some pictures from this weekends foray. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers who made sure the event ran smoothly, the guest speakers for their interesting talks and everyone else for finding all the mushrooms.

Most pictures by Michael Yeh with a few by John Stuart and Richard Jacob. Anyone have pictures from some of the other walks? Please send them in and we will add them to the album.

3 Comments on “Pictures from the Fourteenth Annual Gary Lincoff Mid-Atlantic Mushroom Foray

  1. Congratulations 0n some superb photos! A really good set showing just about everything we do, and from what seems like the best angle possible……

    • I recommend posting images to our yahoo group, or one of our Facebook pages, iNaturalist or Mushroom Observer. This way some of our club members can look at the images and see if they recognize it. We know that there are over 1000 species in the area but most guide books only have 500 or so which means there are a lot missing from any one guide book. So could be new but we would need to see the pictures and even then we ma may not be sure.

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