Covers majority of species found. Species list entered by Josh Mowris.

[icon style=”camera”] Amanita abrupta ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita amerirubescens ( Blusher),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita bisporigera ( Destroying Angel),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita brunnescens ( Cream Colored Cleft-foot Amanita),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita flavoconia ( Yellow Patches),
[icon style=”camera”] Baorangia bicolor ( Red-and-yellow Bolete; Bicolor Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus subvelutipes ( Red-Mouth Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus vermiculosoides ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Calocera cornea ( Yellow tuning fork),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus appalachiensis ( Appalachian Chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus cinnabarinus ( Cinnabar-red Chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus lateritius ( Smooth chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus minor ( Small Chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Clavulinopsis aurantiocinnabarina ( Spindle Shaped Orange Coral),
[icon style=”camera”] Clavulinopsis fusiformis ( Spindle Shaped Yellow Coral),
[icon style=”camera”] Climacodon septentrionalis ( Northern Tooth Fungus),
[icon style=”camera”] Gymnopus dryophilus ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius iodes ( Iodine Cort / Viscid Violet Cort),
[icon style=”camera”] Craterellus fallax ( Black Trumpet),
[icon style=”camera”] Galiella rufa ( Hairy Rubber Cup),
[icon style=”camera”] Gyroporus castaneus ( Chestnut Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Helvella elastica ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Laccaria laccata ( Common Laccaria; Deceiver Laccaria),
[icon style=”camera”] Laccaria ochropurpurea ( Purple-gilled Laccaria),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactifluus volemus ( Fishy Milkcap),
[icon style=”camera”] Laetiporus cincinnatus ( White-Pored Chicken of the Woods ),
[icon style=”camera”] Laetiporus sulphureus ( Chicken Mushroom; Sulphur Shelf),
[icon style=”camera”] Leccinellum albellum ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Leotia lubrica ( Yellow Jelly Babies),
[icon style=”camera”] Helicogloea compressa ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Lycoperdon perlatum ( Gem-studded Puffball),
[icon style=”camera”] Meripilus sumstinei ( Black-staining Polypore),
[icon style=”camera”] Mycena haematopus ( Bleeding Mycena),
[icon style=”camera”] Omphalotus illudens ( Jack-o’-lantern),
[icon style=”camera”] Pholiota squarrosa ( Scaly Pholiota),
[icon style=”camera”] Scleroderma citrinum ( Pigskin Poison Puffball),
[icon style=”camera”] Sebacina schweinitzii ( Jellied False Coral),
[icon style=”camera”] Strobilomyces strobilaceus ( Old Man-of-the-woods),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes versicolor ( Turkey-tail),
[icon style=”camera”] Trichaptum biforme ( Violet Toothed-Polypore),
[icon style=”camera”] Typhrasa gossypina ( ),
[icon style=”camera”] Wynnea sparassoides ( )