It was a great crowd and we found a lot for how dry it had been! Species list entered and identified by Julie Travaglini.

List of species found on the walk at Churchill Valley Greenway with Allegheny Land Trust:
Ceratiomyxa porioides (Honeycomb Coral Slime Mold ),
chlorocyboria (Blue-green stain),
Gymnopus dryophilus (),
Coprinellus micaceus (Mica Cap),
Crepidotus applanatus (Flat Crep),
Daldinia childiae (Carbon balls),
Fuligo septica (Scrambled-egg Slime; Dog Vomit Slime),
Lycogala epidendrum (Wolf’s Milk Slime),
Marasmiellus candidus (),
Niveoporofomes spraguei (Green Cheese Polypore),
Phlebia radiata (),
Pleurotus pulmonarius (Summer Oyster),
Psathyrella candolleana (),
Sarcodontia setosa (),
Schizophyllum commune (Split Gill),
Scleroderma citrinum (Pigskin Poison Puffball),
Stemonitis splendens (Chocolate Tube Slime),
Stereum complicatum (Crowded Parchment),
Stereum ostrea (False Turkey-tail),
Thuemenella cubispora (),
Trametes pubescens (),
Trametes versicolor (Turkey-tail),
Trichaptum biforme (Violet Toothed-Polypore),
Xylaria polymorpha (Dead Man’s Fingers)

Species not currently on clubs life list:
Hypoxylon sp.
Rosellinia sp.