Species list from Hampton Community Park-Rachel Carson Trail on 04/18/2015

It was a beautiful warmer than spring day and we took a walk on the Rachel Carson Trail. Although there is a stand of tulip poplars on the walk we did not find any of the elusive morels. However we did find a group of Korf’s False Morels not edible, but a good sign of things to come.

Species list entered by Dick Dougall.

List of species found on the walk at Hampton Community Park-Rachel Carson Trail:

Chlorociboria aeruginascens (Blue-green Stain),
Coprinopsis atrmentarius (Alcohol inky),
Polyporus alveolaris (Hexagonal-pored Polypore),
Gyromitra korfii (Korf’s False Morel),
Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken Mushroom; Sulphur Shelf),
Lenzites betulina (Multicolor Gill Polypore),
Lycoperdon pyriforme (Pear-shaped Puffball),
Panellus stipticus (Luminescent Panellus),
Piptoporous betulinus (Birch Polypore),
Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom),
Polyporus brumalis (Winter Polypore),
Stereum ostrea (False Turkey-tail),
Trametes versicolor (Turkey-tail),
Trichaptum biforme (Violet Toothed-Polypore),
Tubaria furfuracea (Fringed Tubaria),
Xylobolus frustulatus (Ceramic Parchment)

The Chicken Mushrooms & Pear-shaped Puffball were very old specimens. The Oyster Mushroom was old and probably some other specie in the Oyster Mushroom family.

4 Comments on “Species list from Hampton Community Park-Rachel Carson Trail on 04/18/2015

  1. Is there anybody who lives near the Natrona heights area that could teach me how to identify edible mushrooms in my local area ?

    • The best way of learning how to identify edibles is to attend some of the walks. We have some members out that way and there will be a walk on the 9th of May at Harrison Hills park. We will be hosting a Fungi Education Day at Beechwood Farm that will cover local edibles amongst other topics. Also check out some of our talks which cover both edible and poisonous mushrooms.

  2. I’m a newbie with the club and trying to ID some local varieties.

    Would it be possible to note by the species whether they might be edible/poisonous? I’m not adventuresome enough to try any without a PROFESSIONAL by my side, literally.

  3. David:

    We in the club have to be cautious about edible/poisonous mushroom comments because of possible legal consideration. We have a disclaimer on most of our publications, as do all mycological books.

    However, there is a very good book on edibility written by David Spahr called “Edible and Bedicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada.” It is well written and supplies answers to most questions beginning mushroomers have. Also, David Spahr has placed what appears to be the complete book on his website! The website address is: http://mushroom-collecting.com/ Check it out. You will find answer to a lot of your questions.

    Also, keep coming to our walks. You will pick up more details to the good edible mushrooms and the toxic/poisonous ones. However, you are the final judge if you want to eat specific mushrooms that are found by you or others.

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