Welcome to the recipe section of the WPMC website. If you wish to publish a recipe send the details to [email protected]. Please include one or more pictures of the finished dish if possible. Pictures of the starting ingredients and steps are also accepted and can be used. We request that no direct copies of recipes from books or other websites are submitted. Ideally these are recipes for dishes a member brought to a meeting, pot luck or Foray. They may have originated in a book or magazine but should be club member tried and true. If your recipe is based on a published recipe please include the reference to the original. We look forward to receiving recipes for some of your favorite mushroom dishes.

Mushrooms with SherryBy Richard JacobThis is a quick and easy Spanish style side dish or appetizer. In the pictures I've used Chanterelles but you can use most fleshy species of mushrooms like boletes, oysters, a mixture of species or store brought mushrooms. If you are serving them as an appetizer toast up a few slices of bread and rub with raw garlic and olive oil.
Stir fried mixed mushroomsBy Richard JacobThis is a simple Chinese influenced mixed mushroom stir fry. A good combination is about 6 oz of Shiitake mushrooms mixed with 10 oz of other mushrooms.
Stir-fried wood ear mushrooms with cucumberBy Richard JacobWood ear mushrooms do not have a lot of flavor but they make up for it in texture. In this recipe we also cook the cucumber which is fairly common in Chinese cooking. You can also use 4oz of fresh wood ear mushrooms (Auricularia angiospermarum or Auricularia americana) or brown jelly roll (Exidia crenata (previously known as Exidia recisa )) instead of the dried ones.
Asian greens with mushroomsBy Richard JacobThere are lots of ways to cook this Asian staple including steaming, boiling or microwaving the greens. Here I do a quick stir fry followed by steam/braise. Serve the dish with rice and other Chinese or Asian dishes. This dish was presented as part of the cooking demonstration at the September 2016 meeting.
Grilled MorelsBy Richard JacobSpring has normally sprung when the morels are up and temperatures are warm enough to fire up the grill. Grilling adds a little smokiness to the morels and the butter, rather than oil, imparts a richness with both combining to make a tasty side dish. The high heat helps caramelize the morels bringing out the meaty flavor. I recommend using a grilling basket because it is a tragedy to see a morel slip between the bars and fall into the coals. Try serving the mushrooms as part of a Santa Margherita style Italian Grilled Vegetable platter as pictured or as a topping for a steak or burger.
Wild Mushroom StuffingBy Cecily FranklinJust in time for Thanksgiving, here’s a recipe for Wild Mushroom Stuffing from Richard & Cecily Franklin.