Old mushrooms texts available for free on the internet.

  I’ve always had a love of books and when I became interested in mushrooms and fungi the first place I looked were guidebooks to help me identify what I was finding. There are many great modern books with… Read More

Introduction to Polypores

A presentation from Jack Baker, Dick Dougall, Joyce Gross, Jim Tunney and La Monte Yarroll What are polypores and what do they do  —  Jim Tunney Classification and identification tips  —  La Monte Yarroll Species Identification  —  Jack Baker, Joyce Gross,… Read More

Of truffles and death caps.

A couple more science stories for your entertainment during these cold snowy days when we can only dream of Morels in the spring. The stories cover the two extremes of human experiences with fungi from the feeling of bliss when… Read More

DNA Sequence results from Duke – part 1

A presentation from Richard Jacob Work is under way to interpret the DNA barcodes returned by Duke university. This presentation covers an overview of the results and look in further detail at 4 of the samples.

Edible Wild Mushrooms

A presentation from John Stuart There are quite a few edible mushrooms that can be found in Western Pennsylvania and this short talk covers some of the easier to identify ones.