Morel season is starting

I have been watching the Morel Hunters Sightings Map to see when the first morel has been sported in our region. Due to the warm winter and spring I was expecting it to be quite soon. Morels had been found quite away north of Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago so I was also checking our Facebook pages and newsgroup for reports. Sure enough Bob Sleigh, host of the Morel Mushroom Walk with Indiana County Friends of the Parks event, reported finding a few black morels south of Pittsburgh. Bob writes “Second time to find morels in PA. in March. If the weather holds, next weekend should be the time to start some serious hunting.”

Black Morels typically fruit first followed by yellow morels a couple of weeks later. The timing should be good for the Morel Mushroom Walk with Indiana County Friends of the Parks and Ryerson Station walk on the weekend of 30th April and 1st of May. I recommend checking the events as we will probably add a few more walks either before or after the two mentioned above.


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  1. This could be one of my favorites. Chanterelle, trumpet, deer/fawn/platter-etc. Should be bursting forth. Again this year I recommend that you make the time to find a wonderful walking stick to assist in traversing terrain, parting leaves and vegetation. It will be well worth your efforts. Enjoy. p.s. BEWARE- there will be turkey hunters in the woods!

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