We had a wonderful time on our Todd Nature Reserve walk! Found so many interesting fungi, and spent some time with some great people.

Species list entered by Cara Barkley. Species identified by Cara Barkley.

List of species found on the walk at Barking slopes:
[icon style=”camera”] Aleuria aurantia (Orange Peel Fungus),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita amerifulva (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita bisporigera (Destroying Angel),
[icon style=”camera”] Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Arrhenia epichysium (),
[icon style=”camera”] Ascocoryne cylichnium ()
[icon style=”camera”] Clitocybe fragrans (),
[icon style=”camera”] Galerina marginata (Deadly galerina)
[icon style=”camera”] Lycoperdon perlatum (Gem-studded Puffball)
[icon style=”camera”] Merulius tremellosus ()
[icon style=”camera”] Mycena crocea (Walnut Mycena)
[icon style=”camera”] Phlebia incarnata ()
[icon style=”camera”] Pholiota limonella ()
[icon style=”camera”] Piptoporus betulinus (Birch Polypore)
[icon style=”camera”] Sarcomyxa serotina (Late Season Oyster mushroom)
[icon style=”camera”] Stereum complicatum (Crowded Parchment)
[icon style=”camera”] Tatrea macrospora ()

Species not currently on clubs life list:
Mycena leptocephala (Nitrous Bonnet),
Inocybe tubarioides,
Family Pterulaceae,

Pictures by Cara Barkley