Here is the species list from Cook Forest foray so far . . . We have greatly expanded the number of species this year with the help of DNA sequencing results – there are 37 new species to add to the clubs life list. We still have a hand full of unverified new species and more DNA results to come. Total so far is 198 species of fungi and slime mods and another 8 Lichen, three of which are new to the club. Thanks to all the people who went and found mushrooms, especially to the ones that posted their observations to the iNaturalist projects. Thanks to the identifiers at both the event and online in iNaturalist. Extra special thanks to guest Mycologist Stephen Russel and team for the DNA sequencing. Here are the two projects: main project and DNA project.

Species list entered by Richard Jacob.

[icon style=”camera”] Agrocybe firma (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita abrupta (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita amerirubescens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita brunnescens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita brunnescens pallida (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita flavoconia (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita frostiana (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita fulva (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita jacksonii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita lavendula (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita rhacopus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Ampulloclitocybe clavipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Arcyria denudata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Artomyces pyxidatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Austroboletus gracilis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Baeospora myosura (),
[icon style=”camera”] Baorangia bicolor (),
[icon style=”camera”] Bisporella citrina (),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletopsis grisea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus edulis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus separans (),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus subcaerulescens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus subvelutipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Butyriboletus brunneus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Callistosporium pseudofelleum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Calocera cornea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Calycina citrina (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus minor (),
[icon style=”camera”] Chlorociboria aeruginascens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cladonia macilenta (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cladonia peziziformis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cladonia squamosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Clavicorona taxophila (),
[icon style=”camera”] Clavulina coralloides (),
[icon style=”camera”] Climacocystis borealis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Clitocybula oculus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Collybia tuberosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cordyceps militaris (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cordyceps tenuipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius armillatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius caperatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius flexipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius harrisonii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius iodes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius semisanguineus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Craterellus fallax (),
[icon style=”camera”] Craterellus ignicolor (),
[icon style=”camera”] Craterellus tubaeformis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Crepidotus applanatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cyptotrama chrysopepla (),
[icon style=”camera”] Dacrymyces chrysospermus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Dacrymyces stillatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Dacryopinax spathularia (),
[icon style=”camera”] Daedaleopsis confragosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Entoloma quadratum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Femsjonia peziziformis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Fomitopsis mounceae (),
[icon style=”camera”] Galerina marginata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Ganoderma tsugae (),
[icon style=”camera”] Gloioxanthomyces nitidus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Graphis scripta (),
[icon style=”camera”] Grifola frondosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Guepinia helvelloides (),
[icon style=”camera”] Gyroporus castaneus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Helvella crispa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Helvella macropus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hericium americanum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Humidicutis marginata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hydnellum concrescens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hydnum umbilicatum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hydropus fuliginarius (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hymenopellis furfuracea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hypholoma lateritium (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hypogymnia physodes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hypomyces cervinigenus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hypomyces lateritius (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hypomyces luteovirens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Imleria badia (),
[icon style=”camera”] Inocybe hystrix (),
[icon style=”camera”] Inosperma calamistratum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Ionomidotis irregularis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Laccaria amethystina (),
[icon style=”camera”] Laccaria ochropurpurea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius camphoratus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius chrysorrheus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius deterrimus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius griseus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius lignyotus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius peckii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius quietus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius sordidus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius subpurpureus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius vinaceorufescens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius volemus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactifluus gerardii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactifluus hygrophoroides (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lasallia papulosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leccinellum albellum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leccinum longicurvipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leccinum snellii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leotia lubrica (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leotia viscosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lepiota cristata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lepista nuda (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leucopholiota decorosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lycoperdon perlatum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Macrotyphula juncea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Merulius tremellosus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Multiclavula mucida (),
[icon style=”camera”] Mycena galericulata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Mycena inclinata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Mycena leaiana (),
[icon style=”camera”] Neofavolus alveolaris (),
[icon style=”camera”] Otidea onotica (),
[icon style=”camera”] Oudemansiella furfuracea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pachyella clypeata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Paxillus involutus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Phaeotremella foliacea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Phaeotremella frondosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Phallus ravenelii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Platismatia tuckermanii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pluteus atromarginatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pluteus chrysophlebius (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pluteus flavofuligineus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pluteus leoninus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pseudevernia consocians (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pseudoboletus parasiticus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pseudohydnum gelatinosum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Ramaria stricta (),
[icon style=”camera”] Rhodocollybia butyracea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Rickenella fibula (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula compacta (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula dissimulans (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula granulata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula peckii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula redolens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Scutellinia colensoi (),
[icon style=”camera”] Scutellinia olivascens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Steccherinum rawakense (),
[icon style=”camera”] Strobilurus conigenoides (),
[icon style=”camera”] Suillus americanus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Suillus granulatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Suillus spraguei (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tapinella atrotomentosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tolypocladium ophioglossoides (),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes betulina (),
[icon style=”camera”] Trametes versicolor (),
[icon style=”camera”] Trichaptum biforme (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholoma caligatum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholoma sejunctum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholoma subluteum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholomopsis decora (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tulasnella aurantiaca (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tylopilus felleus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tyromyces chioneus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Usnocetraria oakesiana (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xanthoconium affine (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xerocomellus chrysenteron (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xerocomus subtomentosus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xeromphalina campanella (),

[icon style=”camera”] Cladonia squamosa (Dragon Horn),
[icon style=”camera”] Hypogymnia physodes (Hooded Tube Lichen),
[icon style=”camera”] Lepraria finkii (Fluffy Dust Lichen),
[icon style=”camera”] Parmelia sulcata (Shield lichen),
[icon style=”camera”] Platismatia tuckermanii (Crumpled Rag Lichen)

Species missing from list:
[icon style=”camera”] Clavulina castaneipes (),
[icon style=”camera”] Clavulina rugosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Clitopilus hobsonii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius angelesianus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius deceptivus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius flabellus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius glutinosoarmillatus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius tortuosus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius venetus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cystolepiota seminuda (),
[icon style=”camera”] Entoloma griseum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Entoloma watsonii (),
[icon style=”camera”] Gyroporus cyanescens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hydnum subconnatum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Hygrocybe miniata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Inocybe digitula (),
[icon style=”camera”] Inocybe lilacina (),
[icon style=”camera”] Inocybe minima (),
[icon style=”camera”] Laccaria striatula (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius tabidus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leucogyrophana mollusca (),
[icon style=”camera”] Paxillus cuprinus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Pluteus hongoi (),
[icon style=”camera”] Ramaria rubella (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula amerorecondita (),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula paludosa (),
[icon style=”camera”] Spodocybe trulliformis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Suillus acidus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tarzetta cupularis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tatraea macrospora (),
[icon style=”camera”] Trichoderma chromospermum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholoma equestre (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholoma subresplendens (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tyromyces galactinus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xeromphalina cauticinalis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xeromphalina enigmatica (),
[icon style=”camera”] Xylaria ellisii (),
Helotiales sp-IN01

Lichen missing from list
Ghost Antler Lichen (Pseudevernia cladonia)
[icon style=”camera”] Cladonia chlorophaea (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lepra amara (),

Unverified species:
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius rubrilacteus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leucocybe connata (),
[icon style=”camera”] Oudemansiella limonispora (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tricholoma equestre (),

Most of these images are of species that are new to the club. Pictures by karenbeall, Stephen Bucklin, Cara Coulter, Richard Jacob, mycoprof, nre28, John Plischke, troutfly and zeo111