A return to the Pleasant Valley Park in collaboration with Friends of Murrysville Parks saw a mixture of over twenty  members and non-members take a longer than expected walk around the park. We normally try to make to back to the starting point in two hours but ended up taking a bit more of a perimeter route than expected and returned far later. However, we did find a lot of the choice edible Honey mushrooms, both Armillaria gallica with a bulbous base and the larger Armillaria mellea species, along with aborted entoloma’s that are the result of the Entoloma abortivum attacking the honey mushrooms. The park has mixed woods with both sections of red and white pine and larger sections of deciduous mixed oak, maple hickory and other species. This resulted in the wide range of fall mushrooms found and of course there were some unidentified ones on the table.

Species list entered by Richard Jacob and Scott Pavelle.

List of species found on the walk at Pleasant Valley Park:
Amanita amerifulva (American Orange-Brown Ringless Amanita),
Amanita amerirubescens (Blusher),
Amanita bisporigera (Destroying Angel),
Amanita citrina var citrina (),
Amanita muscaria var. guessowii (Fly Agaric),
Armillaria gallica (Honey Mushroom),
Armillaria mellea (Honey Mushroom),
Ascocoryne sarcoides (Purple Jelly Drops),
Bisporella citrina (Yellow Fairy Cups),
Clavulina cristata (Crested Coral Fungus),
Clavaria fragilis (White worm coral),
Crucibulum laeve (White-egg Bird’s-nest Fungus),
Entoloma abortivum (Aborted Entoloma),
Exidia recisa (Brown jelly roll),
Gyroporus castaneus (Chestnut Bolete),
Helminthosphaeria clavariarum (),
Hygrocybe flavescens (),
Hygrophorus miniatus (Fading Scarlet Waxy-cap),
Hypholoma fasciculare (Sulfur tuft),
Hypomyces chrysospermus (Bolete Mold),
Hypomyces hyalinus (Amanita Mold),
Laccaria laccata (Common Laccaria; Deceiver Laccaria),
Laccaria ochropurpurea (Purple-gilled Laccaria),
Lactarius chelidonium (),
Lactarius vinaceorufescens (Yellow Latex Milky),
Laetiporus cincinnatus (White-Pored Chicken of the Woods ),
Laetiporus sulphureus (Chicken Mushroom; Sulphur Shelf),
Lentinellus ursinus (),
Lycogala epidendrum (Wolf’s Milk Slime),
Megacollybia rodmani (Platterful Mushroom),
Marasmius capillariss (),
Morganella pyriformis (Pear-shaped Puffball),
Mycena galericulata (Common Mycena; Rosy-gill Fairy-helmet),
Mycena haematopus (Bleeding Mycena),
Mycena inclinata (Clustered bonnet / oak-stump bonnet cap),
Mycena luteopallens (Walnut Mycena),
Neofavolus alveolaris (Hexagonal-pored Polypore),
Panellus stipticus (Luminescent Panellus, bitter oyster),
Phlebia incarnata (),
Pleurotus pulmonarius (Summer Oyster),
Polyporus badius (Black-footed Polypore),
Psathyrella delineata (Wrinkled-cap Psathyrella),
Ramaria stricta (),
Resupinatus applicatus (Black Jelly Oyster),
Russula mariae (Purple-bloom Russula),
Schizophyllum commune (Split Gill),
Scleroderma citrinum (Pigskin Poison Puffball),
Scutellinia scutellata (Reddish Eyelash Cup),
Stemonitis splendens (Chocolate Tube Slime),
Stereum complicatum (Crowded Parchment),
Stereum ostrea (False Turkey-tail),
Suillus granulatus (Dotted-stalk Suillus; Granulated Slippery Jack),
Trametes gibbosa (Lumpy bracket),
Trametes pubescens (),
Trametes versicolor (Turkey-tail),
Tremella reticulata (),
Trichaptum biforme (Violet Toothed-Polypore),
Tubaria furfuracea (Fringed Tubaria),
Tylopilus felleus (Bitter Bolete),
Xylaria polymorpha (Dead Man’s Fingers),
Xylobolus frustulatus (Ceramic Parchment)

Pictures by Becca Winterhoff and Richard Jacob