A group of 30 people joined Allegheny Land Trust and WPMC to explore Sycamore Island and search for mushrooms. We were ferried over by the good ship Rachel Carson. Weather in the last week had been dry and there were not as many species as expected. There were still interesting finds and a number of species were identified that had not been previously recorded on the island.

Species list entered by Jim Tunney. Species identified by Jim Tunney and Richard Jacob.

List of species found on the walk at Sycamore Island Walk with the Allegheny Land Trust:
Arcyria cinerea (White Carnival Candy Slime),
Artomyces pyxidatus (Crown-tipped Coral Fungus),
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa (Coral Slime),
Coprinopsis variegata (Scally Inky Cap),
Coprinus atramentarius (Alcohol inky),
Coprinellus micaceus (Mica cap),
Daldinia concentrica (Carbon Balls),
Flammulaster erinaceellus (),
Ganoderma applanatum (Artist’s Conk),
Irpex lacteus (Milk-white Toothed-Polypore),
Lenzites elegans (AKA Trametes elegans),
Lyophyllum decastes (Fried Chicken Mushroom),
Megacollybia rodmani (Platterful Mushroom),
Mycena leaiana (Orange Mycena),
Neofavolus alveolaris (Hexagonal-pored Polypore),
Phellinus gilvus (Mustard Yellow polypore),
Pluteus cervinus (Deer mushroom),
Pluteus longistriatus (Pleated Pluteus),
Polyporus squamosus (Dryad’s Saddle, Pheasant Polypore),
Poronidulus conchifer (),
Schizophyllum commune (Split Gill),
Scutellinia erinaceus (Orange Eyelash Cup),
Stemonitis splendens (Chocolate Tube Slime),
Stereum ostrea (False Turkey-tail),
Trichaptum biforme (Violet Toothed-Polypore),
Xylaria hypoxylon (Carbon Antlers)

Species not currently on clubs life list:
Psathyrella sp.
Clitocybe sp.