Species list from WingField Pines BioBlitz1 on 03/25/2017

The first of four BioBlitizs to be held at the ALT WingField Pines property and neighboring area. We have approximate 40 people show up to hunt mushrooms and found a variety of species both fresh and remains from last year.

Species list entered by La Monte H. Yarroll.

List of species found on the walk at WingField Pines BioBlitz1:
Auricularia auricula (Tree-ear / Wood Ear),
Bjerkandera adusta (Smoky Polypore),
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa (Coral Slime),
Cyathus striatus (Splash Cups),
Daedaleopsis confragosa (Thin-maze Flat Polypore),
Galerina marginata (Deadly galerina),
Ganoderma applanatum (Artist’s Conk),
Ganoderma lucidum (Ling Chi),
Irpex lacteus (Milk-white Toothed-Polypore),
Lentinellus ursinus (),
Lenzites betulina (Multicolor Gill Polypore),
Lycoperdon perlatum (Gem-studded Puffball),
Morganella pyriformis (),
Phellinus gilvus (Mustard Yellow polypore),
Phellinus robiniae (Cracked cap polypore, Locust polypore),
Pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom),
Polyporus badius (Black-footed Polypore),
Polyporus squamosus (Dryad’s Saddle, Pheasant Polypore),
Polyporus varius (),
Poronidulus conchifer (),
Sarcoscypha austriaca (Scarlet cup),
Schizophyllum commune (Split Gill),
Steccherinum ochraceum (ochre spreading tooth),
Stereum ostrea (False Turkey-tail),
Trametes conchifer (),
Trametes elegans (),
Trichaptum biforme (Violet Toothed-Polypore),
Trichia favoginea ()

Species not currently on clubs life list:
Dendrophile papillosa

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