We had a brief update on Cantherellus names from President Richard Jacob followed by a nice talk about the local boletes by Scott Pavelle. We met at North Park Cabin due to construction at our usual venue.

Species list entered by La Monte H.P. Yarroll.

List of species found on the walk at WPMC July 2017 Monthly Meeting:
[icon style=”camera”] Abortiporus biennis (),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita bisporigera (Destroying Angel),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita flavoconia (Yellow Patches),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita jacksonii (North Eastern American Caesars Mushroom),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita parcivolvata (False Caesars Mushroom),
[icon style=”camera”] Amanita rubescens (Blusher),
[icon style=”camera”] Aureoboletus innixus (Clustered Brown Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Baorangia bicolor (Red-and-yellow Bolete; Bicolor Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus pallidoroseus (Bouillon Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus pallidus (Pallid Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus subvelutipes (Red-Mouth Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Boletus vermiculosoides (),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus cibarius (Common Chanterelle; Golden Chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus lateritius (Smooth chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Cantharellus minor (Small Chanterelle),
[icon style=”camera”] Cortinarius alboviolaceus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Exsudoporus frostii (Frost’s Bolete; Candy Apple Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Gymnopus luxurians (),
[icon style=”camera”] Lactarius volemus (Voluminous-latex Milky),
[icon style=”camera”] Leccinum albellum (),
[icon style=”camera”] Leccinum rugosiceps (Wrinkled Scaber-Stalk),
[icon style=”camera”] Leotia lubrica (Yellow Jelly Babies),
[icon style=”camera”] Omphalotus illudens (Jack-o’-lantern),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula crustosa (Green Quilt Russula),
[icon style=”camera”] Russula laurocerasi (Almond Scented Russula),
[icon style=”camera”] Schizophyllum commune (Split Gill),
[icon style=”camera”] Tremellodendron pallidum (AKA Tremellodendron schweinitzii),
[icon style=”camera”] Trichoglossum hirsutum (Velvety Earth-tongue),
[icon style=”camera”] Tylopilus alboater (Black Velvet Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Tylopilus ferrugineus (),
[icon style=”camera”] Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceous (Violet Brown Bolete),
[icon style=”camera”] Xanthoconium affine (Spotted Bolete)

Species not currently on clubs life list:
Leccinum sp. #2 sp. nov.
“other bicolor” sp. nov.
Amanita flavorubescens
Inocybe calospora


More pictures to follow.